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DVP Agreement Polish Athletic Association Transformation Project

Each year of the contract, the 13 major national athletic events include the Polish Championship (Hall and Stadium) and the meeting of Janus Kuzowski. In 2021, it will include the following: the memory of Camila Skolimovsky, the memory of Irina Szeviska and the memory of Vadisva Gomer and Tadeusz Elusharsky. Under the agreement, the DVP will have exclusive rights to national athletics. Purchasing a license for the PZLA package will satisfy Televisza Polka’s wide range of rights in this field: the World Championships in the hall and the open air, the European Championship in the hall and the open arena, the European team championship and the set of foreign meetings.

Leader of the DVP Game: Queen of the Athletic Game

– Athlete is undoubtedly the queen of the game. The three big events organized in Poland this year are another step in creating the 21st Century WonderDeame, not only in terms of sports, but also in organization. As an international signal maker, Televisza Polka guarantees world-class quality – Observes the director of DVP Sports Marek Szkolnikovsky.

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– The Poles did a great job during the unofficial World Championships in relay racing in early May, and they finished the month evenly, defending the title of European team champions. These successes can be traced back to DVB Sport. I am pleased to place so much emphasis on the most popular television station “Queen of Sports” with a sports profile – emphasizes the head of PZLA Olszewski.

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Broadcast on DVP Sport, TVSport.PL website and on the DVP Sport application

All national tournaments will be broadcast on the DVB Sport, TVSport.PL website and the DVB Sport application. There are also some primary antennas. For 8 years of the contract, DVP can show 300 hours of premiere content.

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– In business and sports, vision is very important. We have been thinking for a long time with our trusted partners. When a man focuses on the next month, quarter, year or period, he cannot create anything big. Thanks to this deal, Polish athletes will take another milestone. Televizza Polka is the home of the Polish game – insists the director of DVB Sports Marek Skolknikovsky

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The first broadcast is on June 20

Fans will watch the first broadcast of the national event on DVB Sport on June 20. The 67th Orleans Memorial of Janus Kuzoszczyk will then take place at the National Athletic Stadium. Also in June, TVB sports viewers will see others 3. Irina Cheswiska Memorial at Bytecos (June 29) and Polish Championship at Bosna (June 24-26).