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E3 2021: Nintendo Direct 40 minutes on June 15

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E3 2021 at your fingertips. The Nintendo Show will take place at the Game Show on June 15 and will focus on new software.

Update from June 2, 2021: Now official. Nintendo will present at least 40 minutes of new programming and games at E3 on June 15. The Kyoto-based company recently confirmed this on social media. The insider was wrong about his Nintendo Direct date. According to her, this should have happened on June 12.

event name Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)
Date of Event From 12 to 15 June 2021
The organizers Entertainment Software Association
Visitor numbers 66.100 (2019)
The first exhibition 1995
Exhibitors Over 200 (2019)

E3 2021: Nintendo wants to focus on software on show – no Switch Pro announcement?

Nintendo fans should tune in to Nintendo’s broadcast on Tuesday, June 15 at 6:00 p.m. German time if they want an insight into the latest announcements from the company. It looks like Nintendo just wants to focus on the 40 Minutes program that will essentially be released this year. Perhaps fans can look forward to new insights into the remake of Diamant & Perl. This is followed by another three hours of gameplay on the Nintendo Treehouse live stream.

The fact that Nintendo only wants to focus on new games in the upcoming Nintendo Direct is nothing unusual in itself. Were it not for the persistent rumors about the Nintendo Switch Pro. According to the latest rumors, this should be announced before E3 so that the new console games can actually be shown at the presentation. If the rumors are true, the Nintendo Switch Pro may be available for pre-order from June 4. Fans will find out by June 15 at the latest if the rumors are true.

E3 2021: Nintendo Direct 40 minutes on June 15

© Nintendo

First Report May 26, 2021: Los Angeles – Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3 in short, imminent. One of the biggest trade fairs for computer games and video games takes place in the month of June. Due to the prevailing pandemic, the event had to be canceled last year and will now return in digital format in 2021. There are some major exhibitors, including Xbox, Capcom, Ubisoft and Nintendo. According to an inside source, the Nintendo Switch manufacturer should have a presentation ready for Day One that includes three upcoming games.

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E3 2021: Insider reveals more about Nintendo’s show at the show

From June 12-15, 2021, E3 will be held digitally. At the fair, many game developers and publishers present their current products every year and make advertisements for waiting audiences. Nintendo has been involved since day one. The company was represented from Kyoto at the first trade show in Los Angeles in 1995 and has been one of the largest E3 publishers every year since. Given the size of the company and the name Nintendo has made for itself over time, it’s no surprise that fans scrambled over any rumor that might carry news.

from the inside Samos Hunter He now indicated that Nintendo could release the E3 in the next few days. Fans should keep their eyes open and hope for news from the company. On Twitter She also announced what Nintendo fans can expect at this year’s E3. Presentations should revolve around Super Smash Bros. games. Ultimate, Splatoon 3, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Above all else, The Legend of Zelda should take center stage, as the series celebrates its 35th anniversary this year and Nintendo will certainly celebrate that appropriately.

E3 2021: Some other insiders also provided hints about the contents of Nintendo’s presentation

Rumors about the games presented at E3 are on the back burner. Mario Kart 9 is in the works too. Rumors have been around for a while that Nintendo’s racing game is going for another round and is already in development. On the ResetEra forum, an alleged leak circulated that Mario Kart 9 will appear this year and a Nintendo Switch release date could be presented at E3.

E3 2021: According to insiders, Nintendo’s demo should include three games.

© Entertainment Software Association / Nintendo (montage)

Now we have to wait for Nintendo to officially comment on the software at the show. If you look at the information from the inside Samos Hunter Honestly, it shouldn’t take long. Little by little, information about the E3 lineup and schedule is leaking out. The names of the participating developer and publisher studios, as well as the dates and first times of the presentations, are currently known.

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Rubiklistenbild: © Entertainment Software Association / Nintendo (montage)