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Ebba Bush accused of misrepresenting Kamala Harris’ speech

KD leader Ebba Bush delivered her speech to the medalist on Sunday – and is now being mocked on Twitter as she accuses her of imitating an earlier speech given by US Vice President Kamala Harris before the election.

None of us have seen this letter before, says Joel Appleton, press director on behalf of the Christian Democrats.

– If you have an underlying disease: heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer – they are looking for you. If you love a person with an underlying disease – he is looking for you.

The above quote is translated from Kamala Harris Speech at the Vice Presidential Debate before the 2020 US Presidential Election. This view is now accused Ebba Bush to snatch her from her medal speech on Sunday night, when it sounded like this:

If you are saving for retirement to secure your future – you are looking for it. If you have taken out a mortgage to buy a home for yourself – this is what they are looking for.

A video of a KD leader is now circulating on Twitter in which her conversation with video chief Harris is compared with comments in which she has been accused of plagiarism.

“So Ebba Bush’s speech was a plagiarism. KD is a parody of a political party”The user writes.

“One will inadvertently think about how Trump has stolen Michelle Obama’s speech” Another writes.

Kuwaiti dinar: ‘Not plagiarism’

But Christian Democrats vehemently reject accusations of plagiarism and say the similarity to Harris’s speech is coincidental.

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– I checked, I checked with the person who wrote this and he has never seen this person and has not followed the US debates during the election. It sounds similar and not plagiarism, says Joel Appleton, acting press director for the Christian Democrats.

Alternatively, Apeltun believes that Ebba Busch Almedal’s letter is an exact copy of an earlier letter written to Bush in which they used the phrase “Bolund and Stenevi will chase you anyway” rather than “So you are what they’re looking for.”

Do you agree that it is very similar to Kamala Harris’ speech?

– There are similar elements but I strongly refuse that it is a matter of plagiarism.

picture: Ali Lorestani / News Agency TT / TT

Expert: Everyone steals from each other

According to communications expert David JP Philips, this is highly unlikely to be a coincidence.

– It’s very similar. But it can be the same as with people who write music and can get up and write something good, but they heard it a long time ago. David JP Philips says it can inspire you unknowingly, it doesn’t have to be premeditated theft.

According to him, it is almost impossible to write a letter without borrowing from others. And if all Almedal characters are seen, then many Fists will be found.

– She also said Villa, Volvo, Vov. It’s this veni, vidi, vici, and it’s twisted. David JP Philips says it’s two thousand years old, so you might not be bothered.

Speech writer’s comments

on your Twitter denies the speechwriter Simon Westberg that he would have imitated Kamala Harris and explains that Almedalstalet is based on a rhetorical figure based on the left’s concept of “eating the rich”.

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And so it was with this thing. But it is interesting to note that some have pointed out that dangerous ‘right-wing populist rhetoric’ is also used in a similar version of the American left./6″