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Eight dead in random shooting in the United States

Panic erupted when someone opened fire outside and inside a Fedex Shipping Company building in Indianapolis, USA. The chaotic scenes unfold as witnesses and terrified victims flee for their lives.

The perpetrator fired his weapon already in the parking lot, according to the police, who were alerted around 11 p.m. local time.

– The shooting started in the parking lot, then entered the building, but it did not go that far, Deputy City Police Chief Craig McCart says to CNN.

Eight people were declared dead at the scene, and five of the injured were hospitalized. Many other people are said to have sought care on their own. The shooter was also dead, and according to McCart, he may have committed suicide. No police officer should fire their weapon during the operation.

Difficult vision

The identity of the perpetrator has not been made public and the motive remains unclear.

– They withdrew, went in, and did their job. Many of them are now trying to deal with what happened because they were met with a sight that no one should watch, as police spokesman Jenny Cook told about his colleagues’ efforts.

About 4,000 people work at the Fedex plant. Jeremiah Miller had just finished his first shift and was about to go the second time when he and co-worker Timothy Boyle heard up to ten shots.

– I stood and saw a man launch some kind of automatic weapon, he says WISH-TV.

– I immediately took protection and got scared. My friend’s mother came and told us to get in the car.

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“Thank god”

The men got out of the building and met about 30 police cars.

– Thankfully I was so far away that he (the shooter) didn’t see me. Thank God for that, Boyat says.

In the last month alone, at least 30 people were killed in mass shootings in the United States.

In late March, four people, including a child, were killed in an office building in Southern California. On March 22, ten people were killed in a grocery store shooting in Boulder, Colorado. In the same week, eight people were shot dead in spa salons in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sophia Erickson / TT

The shooting took place in Indianapolis. Photo: Johan Hallnäs / TT