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Elijah Batlijan Buys SBB Shares for Millions – Again

On February 24, Ilija Batljan Invest, through Ilija Batljan Invest, bought 500,000 billion shares of SBB Real Estate, where he is CEO and major shareholder. The shares were purchased at SEK 39.36 per share, equivalent to SEK 19.7 million. Appears from Finansinspektionen’s transparency registry.

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On Wednesday, the real estate company reportedly crashed. Elijah Batlijan took advantage of that. He also bought 500,000 shares in SBB through his company, Ilija Batljan Invest. The shares were bought at 43.28 SEK per share. This brings the value of the deal to 21.6 million Swedish kronor, according to the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority Transparency record.

Yesterday’s report showed that SBB increased its earnings from property management in the fourth quarter by 33% compared to the same period last year. The company increased its dividend by 30% compared to last year. New for this year is that dividends will be distributed on a monthly basis.

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On Wednesday, Elijah Batlijan also commented on the short selling report from Viceroy.

“We will never allow criminals to influence our company. We have published comments during the morning period. The Swedish police and authorities will investigate the criminals. SBB’s assets are assessed every three months by five internationally recognized evaluators,” said Elijah Batlian.

Real estate billionaire Sven Olof Johansson has also refueled him with SBB stock. He bought 300 thousand billion shares in the real estate company SBB, where he holds the position of a member of the board of directors.

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