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Elvira Petzner accused of marital infidelity and theft – arrested in Dubai

Accused of theft • They claim that they are still married

Published on 2023-12-11 22.32

The ex-boyfriend of Danish reality star Elvira Petzner has reported the infidelity.

She was then detained in Dubai, but Milad Sadati now says he does not want her to end up in prison.

He told TV2: I wanted to prevent her from leaving the country.

On December 1, the 26-year-old reality star was arrested and detained Elvira Petzner In Dubai, he is suspected of adultery.

The next day, she was released from detention, but is still not allowed to leave the country, and authorities are said to have confiscated her passport during the investigation.

In the UAE, adultery can be punished with several years in prison if there is sufficient documentation of the relationship.

He is said to have stolen 600,000 kroner

Elvira’s ex-boyfriend is behind the report The birth of Saadati Who previously said he went to the police when he saw her in the city.

And now Milad is speaking TV2 He does not at all want Elvira to end up in prison, but only to get back the jewellery, the watch and the 600,000 kroner that he claims she stole from him.

-I don’t want her to end up in prison. If you return the things you stole from me, I’ll be more than happy. But if you didn’t, you deserved it, Milad Sadati tells the newspaper.

He claims they are still married

Elvira and Milad married in Dubai in 2021, but they announced that they were separating this summer, and Elvira then returned to Denmark.

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However, Milad claims that the two are still married, which is why she has been reported for infidelity.

– I wanted to prevent her from leaving the country. I visited Germany and Denmark, and I had lawyers with me, but I couldn’t do anything. You needed to act fast. She reported them for adultery and was then arrested, he told TV2.

TV2 has also been in contact with Elvira’s family, who do not want to comment on her ex-boyfriend’s accusations.

“Our only focus now is to bring Elvira home,” says Elvira’s mother, Katrina Petzner.