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Elvira Petzner's first words after acquittal in Dubai: “A tough day”

They have not been allowed to leave Dubai since November

The Danish reality star has been released from custody in Dubai following adultery allegations.

Now Elvira Petzner has been acquitted, writes Extrabladet.

“It's been a tough day and a tough few months,” she wrote on her Instagram Story.

Danish reality star Elvira Petzner26, has been stuck in Dubai since November last year.

She was detained on suspicion of adultery after her ex-husband reported her, but was released days later.

However, she was not allowed to leave Dubai before the trial took place. On Wednesday, she was acquitted of adultery charges and thus allowed to leave the emirate. This was reported by Extra Bladet.

The newspaper contacted the reality star's father, who is relieved that his daughter has been freed.

– He's so cute, he says with tears in his eyes.

“It was a difficult day”

Petzner is now sharing his thoughts on his Instagram Story.

“It's been a tough day and a tough few months. Thank you for your love and lovely regards. I'll try to reply to everyone later, just need to get some sleep,” she wrote.

Elvira Petzner participated in the reality show “The Diamond Family” and moved to Dubai a few years ago where she met the boxer. Happy birthday They married in 2021.

When Petzner broke up with the boxer, she moved home to Denmark. However, Saadati claimed that the two were still married and therefore reported her for infidelity. A crime that could lead to imprisonment under UAE laws that discriminate against women.

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Later, Elvira Petzner returned to Dubai, which was discovered by her ex-husband.

– When I saw that she was in Dubai, I went to the police, Milad Saadati had previously told Extra Bladet.

Many laws discriminate against women

There are many discriminatory laws against women in the UAE.

Strict religious laws prevail and adultery is considered a serious crime.

Even kissing and hugging in public is punishable by law.