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England. More than 30 people left the government. Boris Johnson has said he is staying

Johnson, when asked by one of his own Conservative MPs during the weekly parliamentary session whether the prime minister “had any circumstances under which he would have to resign”, replied: “If he felt it was impossible, he would have done so”. (The government) will continue to work”. But he added: “The prime minister’s job in a difficult situation, when he’s been given a huge mandate, is to keep going and that’s what I want to do.”

And many politicians are resigning

As of Tuesday afternoon, more than 30 people have left the widely understood government, most of them in lower government posts, deputy ministers and parliamentary undersecretaries, but the group includes two key ministers – Finance Minister Rishi Sunak and Health Minister Sajid Javid. The wave of resignations began in 2019 after Downing Street admitted Johnson was aware of sexual abuse allegations against MP Chris Fincher.

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Javid, who was the first to resign, was personal and highly critical of Johnson in the House of Commons on Wednesday – saying “the problem starts at the top”. He told MPs that “the fine line between loyalty and honesty has become impossible to balance over the past few months” and last month cleared doubts in favor of the Prime Minister after a report on events in Downing Street under Covid restrictions. Time.

He believes that “a team is only as good as its captain” and “loyalty should go both ways”, adding that it is not fair for ministers to appear on television every morning defending defense lines that are not working properly. throughout. – I will never lose my integrity. Last month, I finally turned my doubts into positives, but the problem starts at the top and I don’t believe that will change, Javid said.

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Appeal to Government Members

Implicitly, Javid also called for action against the prime minister from former colleagues in the government he stayed with. – They have their own reasons. But it is a choice, and I know how difficult that choice is. But let’s be clear, he noted that not doing something is an active decision.

Javid has held several ministerial posts in the past and was appointed finance minister after Johnson became prime minister. He held the role until February 2020, when he returned to the government as health minister in June last year.

The British press is announcing that Johnson’s reign is over, and a vote of no confidence in him could be held this coming night.

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