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English th in L.  M¦.  "Sadism. It's not a football game" Football

English th in L. M¦. “Sadism. It’s not a football game” Football

England begin World Cup qualifier in Qatar – Gareth Southgate beat San Marino 10-0 on Monday. But there was no great joy in England the day after the game. On the contrary, there is little shyness and questions about the feeling of playing in matches like this.

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Substitutes Palo Sosa failed [SEKCJA PIŁKARSKA #99]

“10-0 win? It’s like getting an unlimited payment card.”

Some say competition is completely unnecessary. “San Marino is the worst player I’ve ever seen in international football. They don’t even know the basics of catching and blocking the ball. It’s sad,” journalist Paul Howard wrote on Twitter. “One can only wonder if this is a football game,” said Miguel Delaney of The Independent.

Daily Mail journalists call England “ruthless” and San Marino players “helpless”. “Such a scenario: Someone gives their debit card and PIN and says there is no limit.” You can go to an ATM and pick up anything. What will you do? Of course you will go and get it back. Well, here in Cervalle, we saw the reaction in the game “- journalists described the match.

We have feedback from the Polish Football Association on the match against Robert Lewandowski and Hungary

“Harry Kane, Captain Maniac-Goal”

“The Guardian” journalists write about “a ridiculous match that made the Young English show so attractive”. “We ask: Who benefits from this? How does it grow? grê? What about the risk of injury? What about the ruthlessness of the figures? Yet English fans sang: We need a tenth. Did they think it was pointless? Maybe yes, but they had a lot of fun doing it. Such competitions are very easy and at the same time very difficult. Defeating them is easier than ever. San Marino players should be as low as they can be, just as San Marino players’ skills, athleticism and fitness are. “

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“It’s hard to take something creative out of such situations,” they write. They specifically mention: the game of young players and the profits of Harry Kane, which they call the “captain mania-goal”. Kane has scored four goals and is leading the way with a total of twelve goals.

World Cup Qualifier Poland - Andorra WarsawSosa’s Polish national team broke the record of distorting reality

Elimination to Elimination? San Marino wants to play with teams at his level

Is there a better solution to this situation that will satisfy teams like San Marino or Andorra, who lost 4-1 to Poland on Friday? “The League of Nations has the advantage of allowing us to compete with teams at our level in which we can score a goal and sometimes win,” said San Marino coach Franco Varella.

Shouldn’t FIFA think about the European play-offs for the World Cup qualifiers? In Asia, Oceania and Africa, this is common practice.

Poland - Tymoteusz Puchacz during the Hungarian matchClearly. Paulo Sousa about Tymoteusz Puchacz’s game

“I see there are arguments that there should not be a qualifying round match before these qualifying rounds, but it forces us to look at the teams that will be knocked out in these qualifying rounds. And what happened in Cerval did not really qualify. The match,” said journalist Miguel Delaney.

And – half jokingly, half seriously – he suggested further ideas to make the match more attractive: “Perhaps the English can only play with the outfield. FtAnd to score with the volley? No, heads do not count. “