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Eternal Castle [Remastered] Coming to PlayStation 4

In 2019, it came to light Eternal Castle [Remastered], a platform video game that promises its players a journey back to 1987 mainly because of its graphics. The title came first on PC. A year later, this game was released for Nintendo Switch. Now, distributor Severed Press has announced that Eternal Castle [Remastered] It’s coming to PlayStation 4 in no time.

when will you arrive Eternal Castle [Remastered] Playstation 4?

Eternal Castle [Remastered] It will be launched in June 24, 2021 For PlayStation 4.

Some features Eternal Castle [Remastered]

One of the most important features of this game is the file vocal band. Even with the “retro aesthetic”, Eternal Castle [Remastered] It is set in a futuristic world. With more than 20 levels, it promises unexpected and repeatable scenarios, where you have to solve puzzles and fight against different bosses. The player will be ten guns throughout the match. You will also find many more items to save Unique skills. In addition, this adventure has a mode Co-op multiplayer And you can open VS mode.

If you are interested in more details about this game, we invite you to read Our review. Remember that Eternal Castle [Remastered] It is also available for PC and Nintendo Switch.

Fountain: broken press
Across: jimatsu

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