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Etna broke out in Sicily – Mallen witnessed

Etna broke out in Sicily – Mallen witnessed

Malin Rosberger, 51, is on vacation with good friends in a village in Sicily. She visited a carnival and had a good dinner on Sunday evening – and on the way back to the village she suddenly saw how Etna erupted.

– I see how the rocks are sprayed so high and how lava flows. It’s very cool to see a volcanic eruption, says Malin, who lives outside Stockholm and now vacations in a village near Taormina.

– It is very visible even if Etna is four miles away. We were on our way home from Carnival and couldn’t believe our eyes, she says.

The highest active volcano in Europe

Etna is 3324 meters high and is the highest active volcano in Europe. It is located on the east coast of Sicily and can be seen, among other places, the city of Catania and the tourist resort of Taormina.

Historical documents show that Etna erupted 1,500 years before Christ.

Recently, we’ve had better control of the Etna eruption, it’s pretty much continuously active. Bjorn Lund, a seismologist at Uppsala University, says that even where there are no large eruptions, lava appears or an eruption occurs with some ash cloud pretty much every year, said svt.

The largest volcanic eruption in 1669

The most powerful known eruption occurred in 1669. Then several villages and towns were destroyed. Since 1998, there have been about 200 eruptions. The last major eruption of the volcano was in 1991-1993 when lava nearly buried the village of Zafferana.

But relatively few have been killed in the eruptions of Etna over the years.

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– It might be because they’ve been very active for so long, so you know you can’t live near the top. Seismologist Bjorn Lund said earlier that in addition to this, huge and fast volcanic eruptions usually do not happen, and then you have time to get out of there. to svt.

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