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Euro 2020. Jacek Buck: The Polish team is a big unknown

Euro 2020. Jacek Buck: The Polish team is a big unknown

Jacek Buck admitted that he was not so keen on the start of the Polish team in a big match now. “Poland is unknown at this time. We play on a different team in every tournament, it is difficult to say what we can do,” the former footballer told PAP Olympic Lyon.

When asked what the Polish team could do for Euro 2021, Peck honestly replied that he knew nothing and that almost every decision now seems possible.

Coach Paulo Sousa played practically different sequences in each game, and he also changed tactics. So, I do not know what we can do, it is difficult to solve anything. It seems to me that at least leaving the group, at least you can advance to the knockout stage even from third place. I think there will be a big disappointment in the country if we do not leave the group – Added.

The Polish team will play the first game on Monday, with Slovakia as their rival. Later, Sosa’s team will face Spain and the end of the group match with Sweden. Beck agreed that the arrangement of meetings was favorable.

Everyone knows very well that the first match is very important. If there is a win, the team’s morale and confidence will increase. We play in the first game against Slovakia, the weakest team in the team in theory. It would definitely be worse if it was Spain. I’m not saying the match against Slovakia will be easy, but you have to win this game, the priority is to see as high as possible. Three points already scored in the first game will lead to a knockout stage. For me this will be a very important game and I don’t want to think about what will happen if we lose – Commented Bk.

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The Euro 2020 RMF will also be the topic of morning conversation on FM. Jacek Kmoch will attend as Robert Masurek’s guest.

Injuries from playing in the European Championship have eliminated Christophe Bytek, Arcadius Rega and Arcadius Milik. According to Bk, the latter will be much less.

Milik clearly caught the wind on his boat in Marseille. He started scoring, even scoring a hat-trick, which of course would have come in handy at Euros. Even on Fridays, because he has this shooter instinct, he can shoot anything, even when he is in weak form. We are left with Robert Lewandowski and probably Jacob Świerczok. This is a pity for Recy, but I think Kamil Crozi will also come in handy with his experience. Because there was a place in the frame after Milik left. It’s hard for me to say that the coach didn’t call anyone extra. As you can see, there are many unknowns in the representation – He noticed.

Including a former footballer. Olympic Lyon, R.C. Lens and Austria Vienna did not hide it, in addition to Poland he also supports France, in which he sees that gold is the most favorite.

I spent many years there, and it was my second homeland. If I can’t support Poland, I support France. These are the current world champions. But I think the Germans will be dangerous too. Apparently they haven’t been pretty lately, but when the competition is already coming up, suddenly everything comes to mind for them and they go a long way. Slightly different than us. We go like a storm in the qualifying rounds and then we look like we advanced to the match through the back door. I was never interested in the Polish team playing in a big tournament now – 96 times summed up the Polish representative.