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European Parliament President Sassoli passed away. Mitsula takes charge

David Sassoli developed pneumonia last fall and was having problems with his immune system. He was hospitalized in Italy on the second day of Christmas and died the night before Tuesday.

The position of President of the European Parliament was part of the grand political agreement between EU countries and elected parliamentarians after the EU elections in 2019. The Speaker of Parliament is elected for 2.5 years at a time and David Sassoli’s term expired at the start of the elections. general.

The role of the Speaker of Parliament traditionally alternates between two main party groups in Parliament: the Christian Democratic Party (EPP) and the S&D Social Democratic Party. Sassoli was a social democrat.

When Parliament next week To elect a new president for the next 2.5 years is thus Roberta Mezzola’s favorite for the job. She comes from Malta and represents the nationalist party in the EPP group. Since November last year, she has been the first female deputy speaker of the House of Representatives.

My heart is broken. Europe has lost a leader. I have lost a friend. Democracy has lost a hero. David Sassoli wrote, “He dedicated his life to making the world a better and fairer place.” Roberta Mezzola on Twitter about his mate.

Roberta Mezzola, First Vice-President of the European Parliament.

Photo: Pia Greenberg

Roberta Metsola, lawyer, She specializes in EU legislation and has been a Member of Parliament since 2013. The reason for her surname is Finnish due to the fact that she is married to a Finn, Ukko Mitsola. As a member, she has been involved in issues related to human rights and liberties, immigration, media freedom and democracy.

David Sassoli was a trained political scientist with a long journalistic career, mainly on television, before turning to politics in 2009 and being elected to the European Parliament for the Social Democratic Party. In 2014, he became one of several vice presidents.

Condolences poured in on Tuesday. Among other things, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen wrote that she was deeply saddened by the “terrible loss of a great European and a cherished Italian”.

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