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Eurovision.  That person exploded on stage and the singer's show was interrupted :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Eurovision. That person exploded on stage and the singer’s show was interrupted :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Eurovision is a global phenomenon. Organizing a competition is a big endeavor for many professionals. Preparations will begin several months before the match. Nevertheless, there are small or major accidents every year. At Eurovision in 2018, it was no different when a live show was blocked by aliens.

What happened on stage?

During the big final 63rd Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon An unpleasant event occurred. Representative of Great Britain, 28-year-old singer சூரி, They cannot plan to do their job. During the stage show A stranger ran away from the audience, It runs up to the girl, then He snatched the microphone from her hand And shouts some incomprehensible words. Immediately after the incident Security responded, Stage jumper and Remove uninvited guest from her. The stage staff quickly gave the microphone to the sun to finish the song. It may seem that a situation arises in which the British representative is unable to continue singing. This is one thing though With even more energy, she continued to sing.

What happened next?

The organizers gave Zurich a chance To repeat his entire acting. However the singer odmwia. This is the only film that came on Suri’s show Not published on the official Eurovision account On YouTube. However, you can still watch it on another channel like the BBC – here it is extra buzzing English commentator, After the incident where the microphone is torn, he speaks anxiously “I don’t know what he’s going to do now.”

Finally, the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest won Neta – Representative of Israel. Great Britain has completed the competition 24th place.

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