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Everyone except SD voted for Ukraine

The European Union voted in favor of urgent financial support to Ukraine in order to strengthen the country’s resilience to Russia.

The proposal was supported by a large majority – but not by the three members of the Swedish Democrats.

– This is another package for the essentially run-down Ukrainian economy, says SD MP Charlie Wimmers.

European Parliament They voted yes on Monday for emergency crisis support of 1.2 billion euros, equivalent to 12.7 billion kroner Ukraine. The background is the deteriorating security situation, which, according to the European Union, is seriously damaging the Ukrainian economy.

“The goal is to quickly provide support in the event of an emergency crisis and to strengthen Ukraine’s resilience.” The European Council recently wrote justifying why aid is important.

The proposal was dealt with quickly and when Parliament voted on Monday there was an overwhelming majority, 598 members, in favour. 53 members voted against it and 43 members abstained.

It’s not the Swedish taxpayer’s job

All Swedish parliamentarians voted for support. Three members of the Swedish Democrats Peter LundgrenJessica Steigrud and Charlie Wemmers refrain. Weimers says this was a sign that support had been voted on in Parliament without the committee concerned having to deal with the issue first.

– We believe that it is not the task of Swedish taxpayers to continue to finance the state budget in other countries, he said.

Sweden Democrats (from left) Peter Lundgren, Jessica Stegrud, party leader Jimmy Akesson and Charlie Weimers hold a press conference at the Riksdag press center to mark the party’s slate ahead of the European Parliament elections.

The goal is to strengthen Ukraine’s resilience, isn’t that reasonable?

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A number of financial support packages have already been sent to Ukraine over the years without any risk of Russian aggression. This is another package for the essentially run-down Ukrainian economy.

Weimers instead wants Sweden and the West to send military support to Ukraine. The party voted to do so through the so-called European Union Peace Facility.

Finding consensus with Putin

The Green Party MP for the European Union, Jacob Dalondy, thinks it is remarkable that members of the Green Party abstained from voting. According to him, Ukraine’s support will be evident when the country is in such an urgent situation and security policy as well as economic. He was among those who voted against the French National Rally (formerly the National Front) party led by Marine Le Pen, which is often identified as pro-Putin.

– In country after country, parties like SD to varying degrees have to start finding an agreement with Putin. This could be a sign that the same thing is about to happen to the Swedish Democrats, says Dalondy.

Green Party MEP Jacob Dalondy.

Charlie Weimers is highly critical of this statement.

– It’s an outright mistake. The SD has called for full use of the EU’s peace facility to support Ukraine, in light of the Russian military escalation. We support stopping North Stream 2 and believe that Russian aggression should be followed by harsh sanctions.

According to the site Politico made Aid is a combination of loans and grants.