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Exercises for Krisner and Bogadaj

Exercises for Krisner and Bogadaj

Nika Krisner excelled in Friday’s training session leading up to the Raw Air Mixed Teams competition at Holmenkolbachen (HS134) in Oslo. The Slovenian representative showed the 131m and 128.5m jumps. In the second round, she took first place with Norway captain Ursa Bogadaj (129m).

The first Friday of training ended with the victory of Niki Krisner. The Raw Air leader reached 131m and overtook Ursa Bogadaj (124m) by 8.9 points. Marita Kramer (122m) finished third behind Katharina Altas (124.5m), Sarah Takanashi (127.5m) and Yuki Ito (118m).

Chiara Kreuzer (117 m) was seventh, Jerneja Brecl (115 m) was eighth, Lisa Eder (109 m) was ninth and Jacqueline Seifriedsberger (106.5 m) was tenth.

Kinga Rajta landed in the 100m and was ranked twenty-third. Nicole Gonderla was thirtieth (83m).

The first training session was conducted from the 20th opening beam.

The second training session brought the Slovenian doubles. First place ex aequo Nika Kriznar (128.5 m) and Ursa Bogataj (129 m). Sarah Daganashi (127m) was third, Katrina Altas (121.5m) was fourth, Yuki Ito (130m) was fifth and Gerneza Breckle (123m) was sixth.

The top ten finishers in the series were Silje Obset (118m), Spela Rogelz (123.5m), Lisa Eder (116m) and Marita Kramer (114.5m).

Kinga Rajta finished twenty-fifth in the 111m test. Thirty-fifth place went to Nicole Gonderla (90m).

The second training session was held on the 22nd, 20th, 19th, 18th and 17th.

The mixed teams competition starts at 4:00 p.m.

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