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Explosions in Kiev the day after the restless night

The Russian attacks on Kiev gained new momentum overnight into Monday and have continued into today. In the morning, at least ten explosions were heard, according to AFP journalists at the scene.

Mayor Vitali Klitjko also reported explosions in the city’s “Central Quarter”, something that was previously rare during the day when residents were working or moving outdoors.

Via the Telegram messaging service, Klytchko called on residents to stay where they took refuge and described “another difficult night for the capital”.

Sunday night Russia attacked with a “record number” of drones, according to Ukraine. Most of them flew over the capital, where air strikes have intensified recently.

Over the night through Monday, the military says, Ukraine shot down 37 Russian cruise robots and 29 drones. According to General Valery Zalogny, the commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Russia is said to have used up to 40 robots and about 35 drones in the attack.

People are looking for shelter in the Kiev subway on Monday.

Photo: Evgeniy Maloletka

No more losses were recorded. However, falling debris is said to have caused several fires.

A Ukrainian military facility was bombed during a Russian offensive in the Khmelnytskyi region, the local government wrote on social media. The statement is unusual because Ukraine rarely reports that military targets in the country have been hit in Russian attacks.

The statement stated that “Russian soldiers struck several sites, including a military site in the Khmelnytsky region,” explaining that fuel depots and five aircraft were hit in the attack on Monday morning, the French news agency reported.

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Khmelnytskyi is located in western Ukraine.