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Expogame 2021 with Tomás el Amigo will introduce the launch of Far Cry 6 | Technique

Today is the launch Far Cry 6, is a first-person shooter game developed by the French company Ubisoft that Expogame will benefit from by offering the first-hand experience.

The saga mainly featured Develop a good villainWell-crafted game mechanics and a deep interest in storytelling.

A distant cry loaded with symbolism

This version offers us a file Yarra Republic, a Caribbean country that reflects fantastically Cuba Much of its historical and political status. The dictatorship he established Anton Castillo, with interpretation Giancarlo Esposito, the actor recognized for giving life to a villain Gustavo Fring employment Too bad.

The game begins by putting us in place Daniel RojasA young orphan, Ravan, served in Yarano’s army until she realized The tyranny of Castillo and his army.

After a frantic start in which we will have to flee the capital of Yarra, Far Cry 6 lays the foundations for the publication of Action and shooting This is the hard core of all installments of the saga.

As a new member of guerrilla group Libertad, We will have to participate in various operations with one end goal: to kill Anton Castillo and free Yara from persecution.

Expogame Night

Expogame prepared file private instance To launch Far Cry 6 and invite Thomas, friend, celebrity and podcaster, Thomas will die in his playspace night game, where it will be every week guest streamer that will provide a Throwing game.

Expogame and Tomás invite you to join the fighters and stand up against Antón Castillo today in 21 hours on twitch channel Hypeproductions.