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Fabiaski is a criminal cause.  Then?  Pudo will become Piconon's success

Fabiaski is a criminal cause. Then? Pudo will become Piconon’s success

After beating West Ham United 3-0 in the Europa League quarter-final (4-1 overall), the team returned to the Premier League on Sunday. At the Olympic Stadium in London, the David Moyes team faced the low-ranked Burnley. The clash ended in a 1-1 draw. Outukasz Fabiański conceded a goal in the 33rd minute with a shot from Wout Weghorst. Here, too, you can book about the Polish goalkeeper. However Burnley had another chance to score before the end of the first half.

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தவறுukasz Fabiański’s mistake gives opponents a penalty kick. Garnett missed out on something like Simon Zaza many years ago

Shortly before the end of the first half of the match, the West Ham United Stoppers made a mistake, after which Maxwell gave Cornet a great chance to shoot. The unattended 26-year-old was found alone with Fabiański. The goalkeeper tried to save the situation, fouled Burnley, after which the referee called a penalty kick. Garnet approached the ball. Ivorian stopped shortly before the strike to confuse Fabiaski, but he badly missed. The 26-year-old said he crossed the ball into goal.

Terrible injury in the Premier League. The contestant knelt down and began to cry

Cornet’s failed shot is similar to the situation in the quarterfinals of the 2016 European Championships. Then, 120 minutes after the match between Italy and Germany, the referee ordered a series of penalties as the scoreboard drew 1-1. An attempt was made by Simon Zaza, who, like Garnett, wanted to create “Eleven” brilliantly, confusing the goalkeeper. The Italian slowly ran to the ball and unfortunately hit it, it flew over the bar. After the match, fans could not believe that the Italian player turned “Eleven” into a dangerous one, and experts called it the worst shot in history from eleven meters.

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West Ham United with promotion opportunities

After 33 games in the English league, Ugas Fabiaski is seventh in the playing squad. West Ham United have not only won the European Cup but are also battling for promotion to the Champions League next year. The top four Londoners in the Premier League have unexpectedly lost to Burnley (1-1).

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