The popular multiplayer game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is moving to a free model next summer. The colorful party game will also appear on Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles. However, Steam is at a disadvantage.

Falling Guys: The Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys wird free game

Previous Twitch hit Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will be back this summer. This also includes Transition to the free playback model. Anyone who already owns the game will get a Legacy Pack that contains cosmetic items.

start in 21. June 2022. At the same time, the popular multiplayer game will also be released for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One or Xbox Series X | S.

There are a lot of changes also for PC players, so the game is changing stores. In the future, you can play the colorful party game Only available through the Epic Store. If you already own the game on Steam, you can still start the game via the Valve platform.

But this is not enough! Fall Guys will skip all platforms Crossplay an offer.

By switching to F2P also gets New Premium Coin Enter the game. With the so-called ShowBucks, you can then buy special skins and the like. This system will then fund the game in the future.

The change is absolutely correct

The switch to F2P isn’t particularly surprising. Fall Guys player numbers are still moderate, But the big fuss is over (these: Steamcharts). With the new model, developer Mediatonic is bringing the game to life.

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Games like Rocket League are that way too It has become a true perennial favorite in the gaming community. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout now has the ability to follow a similar path and become a true multiplayer player.