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Far Cry 6 – Pagan Control: DLC is now available

With “Pagan: Control”, the second major expansion is now available to download for the first-person shooter “Far Cry 6”. In keeping with the add-on release, the mandatory launch trailer should of course not be missing.

In a current press release, Ubisoft noted that with “Pagan: Control” the second major download extension “Far Cry 6” is now available.

The release of the add-on was accompanied by the obligatory launch trailer, in which the story “Pagan: Control” was discussed in more detail. In addition, of course, selected scenes from the game are waiting for you. The plot of “Pagan: Control” revolves around Pagan Min, the famous villain from “Far Cry 4”, who faces an adventure inspired by rogue-lites in the new DLC for “Far Cry 6”.

Discover the sick psyche of Pagan Min

In the DLC, players take on the role of Pagan Min, the famous villain from Far Cry 4, in an all-new Rougelite-inspired experience that takes place deep within the villain’s troubled psyche. Paganism: Control blends intense action and narrative. This offers players a unique opportunity to explore the psyche of Pagan, learn more about his past and compete against familiar faces as he struggles to escape a vicious cycle of guilt and remorse,” according to the official DLC description.

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As before, the new download extension can be purchased either as part of the Season Pass or separately. “Far Cry 6” is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, and will be supported with more updates and content in the next few months.

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