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FIFA suspends Chad and Pakistan football associations

FIFA, along with its chairman Gianni Infantino, is suspending the football associations of Chad and Pakistan.


FIFA immediately implemented the FIFA Pakistan and Chad National Associations.

FIFA announced on Wednesday that the decision against the Association of Chad (FTFA) was due to interference by African government officials in union affairs. The suspension will be lifted once the association is back under the control of its president. Due to this situation, Chad was finally excluded from qualifying for the Africa Cup in 2022.

The Pakistan Football Association (PFF) has been suspended by FIFA because it believes the influence of third parties is a serious violation of FIFA rules. The situation was triggered by the recent occupation of the PFF headquarters in Lahore by a group of protesters. These replaced the Fifa FIFA-appointed normalization committee headed by Aaron Malik.

FIFA has called for an end to what is being considered illegal occupation of the association building. The suspension of the association should be lifted only when the PFF premises, accounts, management and communication channels are again under the full control of the association. The so-called Normalization Committee by FIFA after years of civil union conflicts in Pakistan.

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