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Fighter flight to Bornholm after breaching Russian airspace

Fighter flight to Bornholm after breaching Russian airspace

at tweet From the Danish Armed Forces, yesterday’s event has not been linked. The transfer of aircraft between bases is not unusual, the authority notes and writes that the purpose of the transfer is to ensure Danish sovereignty.

On the other hand, the Danish government strongly criticized the Russian actions.

The ambassador has been summoned

– Trine Bramsen, the Social Democratic Minister of Defense, told Ritzau yesterday that there should be no doubt that this kind of abuse is totally unacceptable.

Reportedly, the Russian ambassador to Denmark must have been summoned to the Foreign Ministry to provide an explanation Radio Denmark.

Yesterday’s violation of Danish airspace is far from the first. In August last year, a similar incident occurred when a Russian fighter jet flew past an American bomber in connection with a drill and then entered Danish airspace.

‘obvious violations’

Until then, the Danish government responded by recalling the Russian ambassador.

Recently, we have seen more and more activity of border testing, flying close to Danish airspace and clear violations of our airspace. This is related to increased activity, says Trane Bramsen Policy.

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