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Finland: Competing to become the new President of Finland

Alexander Staub.

Photo: Annette Nantel

Alexander Staub

The label name of the bourgeois Samlingsparti party Stubb, 55, is a sports-obsessed professor who aims to become “the first Finnish-Swedish president after Mannerheim”. Former Prime Minister of Finland, married to Briton Susan Innes Staub. It is seen as somewhat frivolous in appearance, but has toned down the flare recently.

Becca Havesto

Photo: Magnus Hallgron

Becca Havesto

A veteran politician with experience as Foreign Minister in Sanna Marin's government. Pekka Haavisto, 65, is generally well-informed and well-read, but has a reputation for being an impatient boss. He has been living with hairstylist Antonio Flores since the early 2000s.

Josie Hala Aho.

Photo: Roger Torresson

Josie Hala Aho

He is perhaps Finland's most controversial politician and is now the Speaker of Parliament (Riksdag). Hala Aho, 52, a staunch anti-immigrant, is fluent in languages ​​and eloquent, but not a social charmer. A major star in his Sannfinländarna party, where he was also president.

Olly Wren.

Photograph: Geert Vanden Wegengert/AP

Olly Wren

A former center-right politician with stints in the European Union and currently retired Chairman of the Board of the Bank of Finland. Many older voters view Ren, 61, as a stable candidate with a strong presidential aura. Young voters have more difficulty nominating him.

Lee Anderson.

Photo: Niklas Miltieu

Lee Anderson

Chairman of Vänsterverbundet and former Minister of Education in the government of Sanna Marin. Swede-Finn Lee Andersson, 36, gives a sharp and relaxed impression in discussions. The queen of votes in her party, she can also get social democratic votes.

Jutta Urpilainen.

Photo: Takemoto Marina/TT

Jutta Urpilainen

The EU Commissioner has long experience as a Member of Parliament for the Social Democratic Party. Minister of Finance in Finland 2011 – 2014. Urpilainen (48 years old) was absent from domestic politics, and therefore he may find it difficult to start in the final race.

Mika Altola

Photograph: Emmy Korhonen/AP

Mika Altola

Director of the Foreign Policy Institute of Finland He is often called an expert on matters related to Russia. Altola, 54, was tempted to run for president after popular pressure, but she fell in the polls over the winter due to self-absorption and a lack of focus.

Sari Issa.

Photo: Antonio Calani

Sari Issa

The 56-year-old Christian Democratic Party's Sari Isaiah managed to win World Cup gold in the process before becoming a politician and finally party president in 2015. She has been Minister of Agriculture and Forestry in Petre Orbu's government since 2023.

Harry Harkimo.

Photo: Hanne Salonen/Finnish Riksdag

Harry Harkimo

Harri “Hjalis” Harkimo, 70, is a Finnish-Swedish businessman who later became the politician behind the Rörelse Nu party, where he himself is the only one to sit in parliament. Known from various Finnish television and sports contexts.

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