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Finland does not wait for NATO to sign

Finland does not wait for NATO to sign

– We Riksdag makes up his mind. If Turkey and Hungary believe, we will become NATO members, Niinisto says at a press meeting in Harpsund with Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson (centre) and Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Storr after a meeting on Wednesday on security policy between the three countries.

Next week, the Finnish Parliament (Riksdag) is expected to decide on approving Finland’s membership in NATO. After that, the decision must also be signed by the president.

When he signs, it means that Finland will become a member of NATO as soon as Turkey and Hungary ratify Finland’s accession protocol.

– It’s not a separate step or anything after that, says Sole Niinisto.

do not wait

According to the president, it is not possible for him to wait any longer for the signing of the Swedish parliament’s decision to NATO.

– You said that I would sign right away, as I used to. If there are practical reasons, Niinisto says, I can wait, but not before the elections.

Finland holds parliamentary elections on April 2.

Niinisto still wants Finland and Sweden to become members at the same time, but indicates that it is Turkey that will ratify the two countries’ accession protocol.

– He says, unfortunately, that authentication is not in our hands.

“we continue”

The president was asked what happens to defense cooperation and agreements between Finland and Sweden, if Sweden’s membership in NATO is delayed.

– We have many forms of cooperation in security policy. We continue. It doesn’t depend on who the member is, Niinisto says.

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The Norwegian prime minister took questions at the press conference about what would happen if Finland and Sweden did not become members at the same time.

– If that happens and creates a time lag, I expect it to be a very short lag, says Jonas Gahr Storr.

– It will not change our common will to plan and solidarity together.

Gar Stöhr asserts that the Scandinavian Solidarity Guarantee applies until both Finland and Sweden become members of NATO. He called on the two NATO countries that have not yet ratified the accession protocol Sweden and Finland, Turkey and Hungary, to do so.

Twenty-eight did. From the Norwegian side, our message is very simple: We expect two others to do it, he says.

lost time

Gar Steur urges the Turks and Hungarians to believe immediately.

– We’re wasting time, he says.

Ulf Kristersson also stated that the Nordic defense cooperation would continue even if Finland and Sweden did not join NATO at the same time. He was asked what risks he sees if Finland joins the Defense Alliance first.

– It can get complicated if only one overseas country is included. He says it is better if we have equal conditions, and therefore Sweden and Finland should become members at the same time.