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Finland tightens border controls ahead of Joe Biden’s visit

On Saturday, there will be stricter controls at Finland’s internal and external borders.

Internal borders refer to the borders between the Schengen countries. Normally no checks are made between the inner borders.

This now means that anyone traveling to Finland with, say, the Sverigebåten or Estonia ferry or landing at Helsinki-Vantaa airport must show their ID.

The changes do not apply to all travellers, but authorities are making an assessment of who should be screened.

The strictest controls apply until Saturday, July 15th, and are related to the fact that the President of the United States Atmosphere Biden Visit Finland next week.

Biden comes to Finland after attending the NATO summit in Vilnius.

president sunny Ninisto It hosts a six-party meeting, where the Prime Minister of Sweden is also hosting olf ChristersonPrime Minister of Norway Jonas Loud bigPrime Minister of Denmark Put frederiksen The Prime Minister of Iceland Catherine Jacobsdottir Involved.

The Ministry of the Interior reminds everyone who moves in the Schengen area to carry a passport or identity card.

Border controls at internal borders have also been temporarily reintroduced in connection with high-level visits to Finland.

The government made the border control decision on Thursday.

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