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Finland’s President: He will call Putin tomorrow

Finland’s President: He will call Putin tomorrow

The situation in Ukraine can hardly be described in words. “Shocking,” Niinisto said when he met reporters in Helsinki on Thursday, “brutal” — perhaps not even expressing all our feelings.

– And despite everything that is happening, it is important to try to contact Russia. I started a conversation with Putin, Niinistö said.

Describing it as his “duty” to have a dialogue, he referred to French President Macron, who has also been in contact with Moscow.

– Avoiding escalation is a key issue at the moment. Many view China as a potential solution for peace. I will also try to have a conversation with China, Niinisto said.

Niinisto did not want to reveal what he would talk about with Putin on Friday.

– Of course I can’t say that beforehand. He said that would defeat the purpose.

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin gives a press conference during Magdalena Andersson’s visit to Helsinki on Thursday.

Photo: Ronnie Rikuma/Letikova/AFP

According to the president, it will continue The debate on NATO in Finland is now continuing “into a comprehensive way, but without delay”. The political parties will have internal discussions and the Riksdag will take charge.

Since it is the Riksdag that ultimately decides, the Riksdag must also be firm in its decision.

Niinisto also said the NATO request could be submitted after a broad opinion poll, rather than a direct referendum.

You want a situation where the losing side feels that the decision is legitimate, even if it is from a different point of view.

Finance Minister Ante Kakkonen He visited the United States earlier this week and met with US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. After the trip, Kakkonen told Finnish media that now is not the time for Finland to apply for NATO membership.

“NATO’s main concern now is to see how the situation in Ukraine can be de-escalated,” Kakonen said.

Niinisto was asked if there were indications from the United States that the NATO request did not fit the schedule at the present time.

The American message has always been that NATO’s door is open. No such specific message has reached Sweden or Finland.

During Thursday’s press conference, With Niinistö, many asked him to comment on Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson’s statement The Swedish app will be “destabilizing” for the situation in the world just no.

– I prefer not to explain the Swedish Prime Minister’s statement. Niinisto replied that it would be better if you asked her directly, but added:

Seldom have we had such an intense dialogue between Sweden and Finland, as is the case now. I will meet the Prime Minister again next week. This ongoing conversation shows that cooperation is very good.

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