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Fire and darkness? There are indications that the download is spreading

As is currently evident, work is underway on the first expansion of the stolen “Godfall” accelerator. Perhaps this is called “Fire and Darkness” and will bring with it, among other things, new rewards and challenges.

In the past few days, there has been mounting evidence that the “Godfall” action title, previously available only for PC and PlayStation 5, will find its way to PlayStation 4.

The supposedly crucial information was provided by the corresponding age ratings, which appeared among other things in the Pan-European Game Information (PEGI for short). As evidenced by the age ratings, there’s not just a PlayStation 4 version of “Godfall” in development. Additionally, Counterplay Games appears to be working on the first expansion of “Godfall”.

The developers confirm working on DLC

As also evidenced by the PEGI databases, the aforementioned download extension will be called “Fire & Darkness” and will be available for both consoles and computers. According to the PEGI Ranking, you compete in DLC against human opponents and fictional beings alike, using swords, hammers, axes, or magic spells.

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Counterplay game developers themselves didn’t want to comment on the PEGI info yet, but at least they confirmed work on a new DLC for “Godfall” in a newly posted tweet. According to the studio, this brings with it, among other things, new awards and challenges. New equipment is also promised.

If there are any further details about the “Fire & Darkness” downloadable content, we will of course keep you updated.

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