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Fire in an industrial building in Orebro

Fire in an industrial building in Orebro

– We have 13 units in place. The fire has spread to ventilation and they are working to control it, says Moa Artursson, at SOS Alarm in charge of the Bergslagen rescue area shortly after 6 a.m. Wednesday.

The burned building is approximately 80 to 100 meters long and 30 meters wide. When the emergency services arrived on the scene, the fire was so severe that they could not enter with smoke divers, more than a few meters from the entrance.

– They fight it from outside and fly drones to get a better picture of the fire.

I stayed for several hours

At 07:00 the fire was still under control.

– We are now at a delicate stage where we will open the roof structure to see what it looks like, says Christopher Roden, SVT Nyheter’s on-site regional operations commander just after seven o’clock.

Emergency services punched holes in the roof structure to access the embers, but work is expected to continue for several more hours. As the morning progressed, however, the troops were able to leave the scene. Several left shortly after 7 am and another three left at 10 am.

– The situation looks better now, but we still have four forces in position. There is one from Örebro, two from Birsta in Kumla and one from Karlskoga, says Johan Gustafsson, in charge of the SOS Alarm rescue area Bergslagen at 10 o’clock on Wednesday.

The emergency services will continue to work on the fire and there is currently no forecast for when they will be fully ready at the scene.

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No one should be injured in the fire.

In the clip, incident leader Christopher Rhoden tells more about the fire.