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Five left in the battle for the British leadership

Five left in the battle for the British leadership

The 358 Conservative MPs have voted once again on who will be the new leader of the Conservative Party. The candidates needed the support of at least 30 members to reach a third vote.

Former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak again received the most votes, with 101 votes, followed by Deputy Commerce Minister Penny Mordaunt who got 83 votes. Secretary of State Liz Truss got 64 votes.

Kimi Badenoch and Tom Tugends also passed the block.

Suella Braverman received 27 votes, thus losing the battle for the leadership position of the party.

The new prime minister in September

The third vote will be held on Monday.

When four candidates remain, they will be asked to participate in the final vote. By Thursday, July 21, there will be only two candidates left.

Who will ultimately be elected party leader over the summer will be decided by mail vote of more than 160,000 Conservative Party members. The result will be announced on September 5th.

Scattering between the various political camps of candidates is in full swing. Favorite tipper Penny Mordaunt has been criticized, among other things, for not being considered experienced enough.

He received criticism for the Brexit negotiations

“Unfortunately, I didn’t think she had the detailed knowledge required in the negotiations,” says her former boss and Brexit negotiator David Frost in an interview with Talk TV.

When candidate Tom Tugendhat was asked which was the most difficult: to be a soldier or a Member of Parliament, he replied:

When you are in the army, you at least know who your enemy is.

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“It’s among the best British policies we see here,” says Rolf Fredrickson, SVT’s foreign correspondent. Hear him tell you more about the process and the main candidates.