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Five mammoths from the Ice Age have been discovered

DigVentures has arranged two field drilling seasons in 2019 and 2020 for site drilling.

Photo: DigVentures

In a quarry located in Swindon, a city in England, they found a huge tomb filled with the skeletal remains of five people. mammoth who died in the last ice age. In addition, beside the excavations, they found stone tools made by NeanderthalsIncluding an ax and scrapers used to clean animal skins. (Read: Quetzalcoatlus, the greatest flying creature that ever lived on Earth)

The discovery was made by the archaeological team of DigVentures in collaboration with experts from the United Kingdom. Now, the group will have to analyze the bones Mamut Determine if they had Neanderthal tool marks or wounds.

For Lisa Westcott Wilkins, co-founder of DigVentures, “find mammoth bones It is always unusual, but to find tools so ancient, so well preserved, so close to Neanderthal stone tools, is exceptional.”

Among the results he found fossils, archaeologists found more remains ice Age, such as beetle wings, freshwater snails, and mammoth remains, such as tusks, leg bones, ribs and vertebrae. (You can read: The largest known Triceratops fossils have been auctioned. Science laments it.)

regarding mammoth, DigVentures, through a statement He explained that “although the first mammoth From the four-meter-high steppe at the shoulders, the five giant individuals in the cemetery were young, suggesting that the species may have shrunk during a cold snap during the Ice Age.”

Now, researchers are looking to planning to find out why so many mammoth They died in one place and if Neanderthals chased them or searched for their remains. (It might interest you: One of the most famous human fossils was actually a little girl)

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