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Florida teacher under investigation – showing students a Disney movie with a gay character

Last year, the state’s Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, signed a law banning teachers from bringing up people’s sexual orientations, or the gender they identify with, in classrooms.

DeSanti’s supporters saw the law as an opportunity for parents to influence education, while critics of the governor said the law was an attempt to remove LGBT people from schools. The law applies to the entire school system up to high school.

A teacher who breaks the law can be suspended or, in the worst case scenario, have their teaching license revoked.

Now he has a fifth grade teacher In Hernando, Florida, she was quoted by a parent after showing the Disney movie “Strange World” to her class after a busy day with tests, writes CNN. Although the teacher was approved by all of the students’ parents to show films marked “PG” (Must Watch With Parents), one reported her breaking the law.

A Different World features, among other things, the character Ethan Clyde, the first openly gay character Disney created.

In a post on Tiktok this weekend, compiled by CNN, teacher Gina Barbie wrote:

“I am the teacher being investigated by the Florida Department of Education for indoctrination after a Disney movie was shown.”

Spokesman The school district where Barbie works writes in a letter to all the parents in the class that although it is not the main plot of the film, “part of the plot involves a male character showing feelings for another male character.”

Company spokeswoman Karen Jordan has also stated that the film will not be shown at the school again and that an investigation is now underway to see if any action should be taken against Barbie.

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On Monday, DeSantis also signed into law a bill that would prevent colleges and universities from spending money on diversity, equality and inclusion education, and writing. Washington Post.