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Forest fire in Kalajoki, Finland – may need Swedish help

Swedish Yle He describes that Saturday’s weather mitigated the risk of wildfires, which now cover at least 290 hectares of forest and land. If the situation worsens further, a firefighting plan from Umeå may help Finnish rescuers with the extinguishing.

– If the fire spreads further, we are evaluating whether we can deal with the local forces. But the only sure thing is that we call for help immediately if it spreads like wildfire, says Jarmo Habanen, who leads firefighting work for Yle.

The fire escalated over the past week. At the beginning of the week, the fire covered 70 hectares and rescuers were hoping they could reduce the fires. But the wind wanted something else, and the fire spread on Wednesday, and there is still a danger of it. However, for now, there should be no danger to the neighboring buildings and no danger of eviction.

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Sweden high fire risk: ‘extremely dry’

Sunday will be the warmest yet this week in the country. In the eastern provinces of Svealand and Gävleborg, temperatures can exceed 30 degrees. The risk of forest fires is very high.
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