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Former Danish Defense Minister suspected of treason

Former Left Minister Klaus Hjort Frederiksen, who was Denmark’s defense minister between 2016 and 2019, has been notified of the suspicion of revealing or publishing state secrets.

“I can confirm that I am accused under Article 109 of the Penal Code of violating the limits of my freedom of expression,” he wrote in a written commentary published by the Liberal Party.

deny the crime

The maximum penalty for the crime is twelve years imprisonment, or three years imprisonment, or a fine if the crime was committed unintentionally.

Denmark’s current section of the law is rarely used, but last year four people, including the top commander of Danish military intelligence, Defense Intelligence Lars Vindsen, were arrested on suspicion of the same crime.

Klaus Hejoert Frederiksen denies the crime, but what exactly is suspected, or if it has anything to do with, last year’s arrest, has yet to be announced.

“I have nothing else to add now. But I would never dream of doing something that might harm Denmark or its interests,” he continues.

The cooperation of the United States has been confirmed

In the Danish media, several legal experts have previously said that if the suspicions against Lars Vindsen relate to surveillance cooperation with the United States, then Klaus Hjort Frederiksen may also be a crime suspect.

It has previously confirmed this collaboration, most recently in December. Klaus-Hjort Frederiksen then said that he should be careful about the way he expresses himself when in danger of imprisonment, but there was an agreement with the United States to lose internet cables for information.

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However, it is not known if because of these statements he is now a criminal suspect.

Klaus Hjort Frederiksen recently announced that he will not run for re-election to the Folketing, and the Danish Ministry of Defense has not commented on the suspicions against him.

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