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Former Polish Interior Minister goes on hunger strike –

Mariusz Kaminski, who was arrested on Tuesday and jailed after a previous conviction for abuse of power, began a hunger strike in the prison where he is housed, according to a statement, Reuters wrote.

“I consider my sentence to be an act of political revenge. As a political prisoner, I begin a hunger strike on the first day of my imprisonment,” Kaminsky's statement read.

The statement was read by his former deputy, Blazej Bobozi, at a press conference in front of the Prime Minister's Office on Wednesday.

Mariusz Kaminski Grebs With his party colleague Maciej Wasik of the former ruling Law and Justice Party, in front of the Presidential Palace in central Warsaw on Tuesday evening.

President Andrzej Duda, who also belongs to the Law and Justice Party, invited the politicians to a party, while police searched their homes.

Both Kaminski and Wasik were convicted For abuse of power during PiS's first government in the 2000s. President Duda pardoned them in 2015. But in June, Poland's Supreme Court annulled the pardon and ordered a new trial.

In December, they were sentenced to two years in prison, and on Monday an arrest warrant was issued for them.

The events come amid a battle between Poland's new coalition government – led by Prime Minister Donald Tusk – and the right-wing nationalist Law and Justice Party, which ruled the country for eight years before losing elections in October.

Tusk, who accuses Duda For breaking the law in giving the men sanctuary, the president demands that “this spectacle which leads to a very dangerous situation” be stopped.

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Tusk said in a press conference: I just want the president to be aware of what his political friends deceived him about.

Former Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki described the detained men as “political prisoners.”

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