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Fortnite: Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8: Donald Mustard talks about the Epic Games content in the store

nOr are we tired of saying that this Season 7 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite It’s one of the craziest and messiest games we’ve played in a long timeAnd if you think the thing is about to loosen up because there are more than two weeks left, let us tell you that you are wrong (fortunately), because the same “Fortnite Chief” I mentioned that this season has savedThere are still a couple of surprises.

through your account InstagramDonald Mustard made interesting statements about the game. For those who do not know Mr. Mustard, he is not only Fortnite Creative Director (Small stand, of course), but it’s also CCO de Epic Games Among the Fortnite players, Uncle Mustard is famous for spreading rumors about the events of the game.

And of course you have the information directly, He is responsible for designing mid- and end-season events. To give an example: the idea that UFOs started appearing at the end of last season that made us think it would be a friendly visit, not an invasion: mustard action.

The creative director expressed it on his official Instagram account His enthusiasm for what is coming to the islandAnd even though he didn’t say anything private, he was able to stir up speculators on Twitter, because of There are still two theories about what might happen in the game.

I couldn’t be more excited about what we’ve done for the series and where we’re eating it. […] There are a lot of great things on the way. We are now approaching the end of Season 7 and there are just some amazing and crazy things that will continue through the rest of Season 7 and make it into Season 8.

Donald Mustard, Director of Creativo de Fortnite y CCO de Epic Games.

Wonder Woman llegar a Fortnite?

One theory that has sounded louder lately (Besides, of course, next season could include Naruto and even Jock) He who speculates on the skin amazing woman. If the rumor has already been launched for several weeks, Just two days ago, another post on Mustard’s Instagram account renewed the speculation.

That is, in the photo you can see, behind him, a decorative figure of the Amazon warrior. This may sound like swimming, but they say Mr. Mustard “Doesn’t make way without the hurash” And before revealing Exactly the same way the skin of the eyes of a snakeSo … we must pay attention to the store in the next few days.

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