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Fortnite: John Cena will be a playable Battle Royale character soon | video games | character | Update | EpicGames | sports game

Were you present at the closing event of Chapter 2 of It is an electronic game? Dwayne Johnson’s appearance was one of the biggest surprises. The actor shared several videos of his energy drinks a few days ago where he showed some elements related to the shooter in the background, this was just a teaser for what we will see later.

He had a pivotal role in the final chapter event. He not only granted his power to fight the cube queen, but also helped the players escape into the sea to avoid being killed due to the rotation of the island.

Well, after this event, another former WWE wrestler will be joining Battle Royale as a playable character: John Cena. Through his social networks, he began to share pictures of a video game, but not of one of his games, but of a mysterious event.

In the photo, you can see a giant portal in the space where you can see two parts of the island of Fortnite. Unfortunately, no message was attached to the Instagram post.

It is not yet known if he will be a playable character like him or his latest peacemaker. It could be a collaboration between Epic Games and DC to promote the TV series.

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