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Frances to Future Nannies: Inspired by Charles de Foucault and Pietro Favre

Frances to Future Nannies: Inspired by Charles de Foucault and Pietro Favre

The Pope visited the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy on Wednesday afternoon and spoke to students about world news and the Church’s diplomatic service.

Charlotte Smedes – Vatican

There is a special “style” when representing Petri’s successors in other nations. A style characterized by priestly spirituality, nourished in prayer and externally bearing witness to the tangible apostolic spirit. It was a special “teacher” who gave these signs to the students of the Academy of the Pontifical Church, the school that prepares candidates for the diplomatic service of the Holy See. Pope Francis visited him on Wednesday afternoon. Welcomed by the principal of the school, msgr. Joseph Marino, Economist and Head of Studies, MSGR. Gabriel Marcelo Viola Casalong, and spiritual guide, Jesuit Father Orlando Torres.

Upbringing with the “Year of Mission”

Pope Francis listened to 36 priests who are students from 22 countries on different continents. They had the opportunity to ask the Pope various questions about current situations regarding the diplomatic service and events in the Church and the contemporary world.

Pope Francis gave them models of the clergy to draw from in diplomatic life, pointing to two saints, Charles de Foucault and Pietro Favre, and also emphasizing the importance of the “Year of Mission,” an experience that the Pope established as an integral part of education to become diplomats of the Holy See.

An important “lesson”, especially for the top four students who go to Brazil, the Philippines, Madagascar and Mexico at the end of this school year to complete their missionary training.