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French police have confiscated $7 million worth of champagne after a car chase

Last Saturday, a champagne wholesaler in Reims, located in the Marne, the heart of the Champagne region, discovered that two trucks filled with bottles of Moët & Chandon champagne had been stolen during the night. Each truck contained champagne worth 300,000 euros.

Reports say that the police had no problem tracking the trucks, because they were equipped with tracking equipment Parisian.

They were then on the A4 motorway between Reims and Paris. The police began the pursuit near Ponto Combo, about 20 kilometers from central Paris.

However, the thieves had done so There were no plans to stop when they found themselves being shot by police. One of the trucks initially tried to get rid of the police car by swerving sharply back and forth, while the other took off at the first exit.

The police decided to try to stop the first truck – and then something happened very much like a scene from an action movie: suddenly a BMW appeared and drove alongside the truck. The truck driver opened the driver’s door and threw himself from the truck into the BMW, which sped off. The truck kept moving forward.

According to a police source for Le Parisien, the police then made the decision to let the BMW drive away:

– We had to give priority to traffic safety, so we focused on stopping the truck, says the police source.

The truck rolled At an estimated speed of 15 kilometers per hour when one of the officers managed to catch up with her, jump into the driver’s cab and activate the handbrake.

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The second truck was found a short time later, abandoned on the side of the road after the exit it had taken.

The thieves are still at large, but all the champagne bottles have been recovered intact. Police in Reims have launched a preliminary investigation into the theft and have high hopes of being able to track down the perpetrators via surveillance cameras.