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French Republicans chose their first female presidential candidate

This year’s first election has been described as crucial to how the party relates to the far right. From the left in the final battle, as well as Valerie Pecres, Eric Ciotti, whose policy is approaching from the right with proposals to stop relative immigration and create a “French Guantanamo” for suspected Islamists.

But when the votes are counted after the second and final round of elections, it will be Paris region president Valérie Pecresse who will return with the win and the ticket to the presidential election in April next year.

Pécresse becomes the party The first female presidential candidate.

Republicans have had no government authority since 2012. In the wake of a scandal surrounding then-presidential candidate François Fillon, the party now appears to have recovered with a membership that increased from 80,000 to 140,000 in a few months.

According to early opinion polls, Valerie Pecres better would reach 11 percent of voter support in next year’s election, Reuters reports.

Currently, nationalist Marine Le Pen has 19 percent of the support of the French electorate, the far-right Eric Zemmour has 13 percent, and incumbent President Emmanuel Macron has about 25 percent.

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