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Gang of criminals are looking for tires

Updated on 07.19 | Published on 06.20

It’s time to switch to winter tires, but for some it may be disappointing.

For gang criminals and petty thieves, winter tires are a hot commodity.

– This is a recurring problem, especially in the fall. Marcus Anyfor, police press spokesman, says there are a lot of thefts, and sometimes the thefts are large-scale. P4 Östergötland.

There are wintry road conditions in several places in Sweden, so it’s time to get the situation under control.

Police are now warning of gangs and petty thieves who shred your car’s tyres.

– It is possible that large amounts of money disappear. says Marcus Anyfor, police spokesman P4 Östergötland.

The patrols target individuals and tire companies with larger quantities of tires. It can involve very large amounts.

– First, keep your tires locked and possibly chained. It is also possible to install lighting, says Marcus Anyfor, police press spokesman.

Snow warning

In addition, the fall break has begun with wintry weather in many places in Sweden. During Monday, a heavy snowstorm will move in, and up to 30 cm could reach Värmland.

There are larger amounts of snow, ranging between one and two decimeters. At a local level, it may be more than that, Linnea Rehn Witskog, a meteorologist at SMHI, tells TT.

SMHI issued an orange warning for heavy snowfall in the area. Roads can be very difficult to access, and there is also a high risk of power outages on public transport.

– Don’t hesitate to leave your car at home, especially if the winter tires are not running, says Lars Johan Sahlin, safety coordinator at the Karlstad District Rescue Service, North-west of the country.