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German restrictions aim at the new year and sports


German Chancellor Olaf Schulz (Social Democratic Party) at a press conference on coronary artery strictures. Photo: Bernd von Guterczynka/Paul via AP/TT

Germany (TT-AP-AFP)

Germany is imposing stricter restrictions to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

No more than ten vaccinated people may gather during the New Year holidays. Sporting events become soundless.

German Chancellor Olaf Schulz’s message came after a meeting with government representatives and leaders of the 16 federal states.

– It is not time for parties or for warm evenings with many guests, said Social Democrat Schultz after the meeting.

Restrictions are in effect as of December 28.

The government and representatives of the federal states listened to the newly established panel of experts. The government called for national action in the coming days. The alarm comes because the new variant omikron appears to have gained a foothold in Germany as well.

As of December 28, Schultz said, major events may not be held “with the public, and this is especially true for football matches.”

Nightclubs are also closed.

Restrictions also apply to full vaccination. Recently, stricter restrictions have been applied mainly to people who are not immune to the coronavirus.

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