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"Get out. Come on."  Iga Swedek heard such words from one of his competitors

“Get out. Come on.” Iga Swedek heard such words from one of his competitors

We assure you immediately: this is not an aggressive or rude act. Romanian tennis player Iga Swidek made fun of him like this. The comedy was a success as both players started laughing.


Getty Images / Robert French / Na zdjęciu: Bianca Andreescu

Iga Świątek successfully started the WTA tournament in Rome. Initially, the Polish woman Elena-Gabriela defeated Rusa (A detailed report of this fight can be found here >>) And on Thursday (May 12) they will play against Victoria Azarenka in the 1/8 final.

If our player wins, it will be his 25th consecutive victory. The Polish woman was the last to leave the court and was defeated on 15 February. As already announced (Click here >>Serena Williams had such a series recently – seven years ago.

According to the Twitter profile of “WTA Insider”, an interesting situation occurred after the match with Roosevelt on Wednesday. Well, Swidek, who left the court after a brief conversation with a TV journalist via the mixed zone (journalists ready to talk to athletes), received a “greeting” with the words:

– Get out of here. You’ve got your moment, come on!

Who said these words? Another tennis player – Bianca Andres. Swede was talking to a Roman female journalist as she passed by Mix-Wife.

Finally, it should be made clear that Romania’s words are not intended to attack Christmas. Well, after saying them, both players started laughing. Humor against a rival and, most importantly, was understood by both parties. Both players may meet on the court in the quarter-finals – of course, if both players reach the 1/8 final.

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