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Gold bullion confiscated from top accused Democrats

Gold bullion confiscated from top accused Democrats

The investigation against Bob Menendez, New Jersey, has been ongoing for a year. This is the second time in his political career that he has been suspected of receiving bribery during his time as a senator.

After the publication of these accusations, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced that Menendez would “temporarily” step down from his position as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

According to the charges, Menendez and his wife received “hundreds of thousands of dollars” in cash, gold, mortgage payments and luxury cars from three New Jersey businessmen. Businessmen took advantage of Menendez’s position as a senator in their dealings with the regime in Egypt, according to the Public Prosecution.

Store money

During a search of the house, more than five million in cash was found hidden in envelopes and hidden among clothes in the couple’s home.

Menendez is also accused of providing Egypt with sensitive US government information, and using an indirectly written letter to force the Senate to grant a $300 million aid freeze to Egypt.

Authorities also allege that Menendez attempted to divert the criminal investigation into an aide by lobbying for the appointment of a prosecutor he believed could be influenced.

He denies these accusations

Menendez was first indicted in New Jersey in 2015, also on bribery charges. Among other things, he was suspected of taking luxury vacations in Florida paid for by a wealthy ophthalmologist. However, a mistrial was declared.

Menendez is running for re-election to his fourth term as senator next year. He described the bribery allegations as “baseless.” Menendez’s wife also denies any wrongdoing.

Two gold bars were found in Menendez’s home and were included in evidence. Photo: US Attorney’s Office/AP/TT

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