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Google is preparing an augmented reality operating system for AR

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Google is preparing a new operating system for ecosystems and augmented reality (AR) devices, which will be developed under the leadership of engineer Mark Lukowski, with whom he seeks to “lay the foundations for fantastic immersive computing.”

Lucovsky, Senior Director of Engineering, Operating Systems and Augmented Reality at Google, has shared through his Twitter profile, the new path he has taken. Technology company to develop augmented reality ecosystems.

Specifically, the RA team will developThe next generation of technologies that will change the way billions of people communicate, explore and interact with information and with each otherAs stated in the job advertisement for the position of Senior Engineer.

This engineer will work on A “defining core project” for Google, and as part of the augmented reality team, it will “lay the foundation for great immersive computing and prototype fun and useful user experiences”.

Will be responsible for “Design and Development software For processors embedded in next-generation immersive computing products, which interact with elements such as sensors, screens, wireless chips and other peripherals, and work in tandem with other equipment, to create “augmented reality experiences” on computer platforms. hardware Very personal.”


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