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Google Play Store has a new logo

Google Play Store has a new logo

Google changed the play code last time in 2016 When Play movies, TV, music, newspapers, and magazines were still in full swing. After more than six years, the Google Play Store has a new logo.

Before the 2016 redesign, which also placed everything in triangles, the icon was there but the shadows.

The new Google Play logo is still triangular, but note how the corners are more rounded compared to the current logo. At the same time, the four colors used are more compatible with the four Google colors, which is a clear and important trend of the recent fixes. However, we can’t help but notice how faded and faint the icon is compared to other proprietary services.

The blue and green are less vibrant, while the interior has been modified so that the parts are the same size. Today, the blue triangle is large in size compared to the other three components.

present vs future

Only a low-resolution version of this code is available. It can be found on both GPay and Google Pay: wallet soon – When you make a transaction on the Play Store, such as adding credit to your account, such as a merchant code. There is no clear indication of when it was updated.

It does not appear in any Play Store apps or was Newly renovated. It would have been the perfect time to reveal it.

At this point, it’s not clear when Google will implement the new Play Store logo. Google Play did just that Remove the Movies & TV tabWhile the possible departure of Play Books to focus the entire Play Store on Android apps ultimately makes sense. Meanwhile, the fate of Play Games’ “play” is a bit more stable due to the big push. Android games on Windows. However, the future of your Android app is not stable.

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