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Google will deactivate OnHub router controls by the end of 2022

In 2015, Google decided to join router products, such as OnHub, that made people’s lives easier when they installed their Wi-Fi network.

This was, essentially, a major point of control, but now, Google has announced that it will stop supporting it in 2022.

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A functional OnHub router, but no service

According to an announcement by Google, OnHub routers will stop working from December 19, 2022.

While this doesn’t mean that every router that OnHub owns will stop working, it will stop updating and configuring with your app.

Image: google

This is what Google says about it:

Before December 19, 2022, the OnHub router will continue to operate normally, but will have no new software or new security features.

We recommend upgrading to a new Wi-Fi configuration, and a discount code (OnHub users only) will be sent to you for 40% off.

This is in order for you to be able to buy Nest Wi-Fi from the Google Store, the code will only be available for a limited time.

Google comment in a press release

What will happen to my OnHub router after December 19th?

After the scheduled date, Google says that all OnHub routers will continue to work, provide a Wi-Fi signal, but run without the Google Home app.

It cannot be updated, nor can additional hardware be added or speed tests performed, even smart functions will stop working.

Google OnHub
Image: google

What can he do?

Unfortunately, technological development has caught up with us much faster than we thought, and this relatively new technology will already be outdated.

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Virtually all Google OnHub routers will lose their main functionality, although you can continue to use them normally.

Although they are Google devices, not all OnHun routers, according to the company themselves, “will not guarantee their operation,” so it’s best to update.