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Great fight on Kungstorget |  GP

Great fight on Kungstorget | GP

Just before 02:00 the police were called to the scene due to an ongoing fight between football fans from IFK Gothenburg and GAIS at Kungstorget’s Brygghus in Gothenburg. Many supporters are said to have tried to reach Pregosset, where a group was staying. Law enforcement officers had to intervene to separate the groups.

It was a soccer battle. It was very noisy right away, and at the moment it’s not entirely clear what happened, says Mile Hristovsky, the officer on duty with Police West, during the night.

There must have been between 15 and 30 people involved in the fight. When the police arrived at the scene, they were able to quickly disperse the crowd and stop the fighting.

– There should be no personal injuries and we have not submitted any reports. But we were able to spot some right away,” says Mile Hristovsky.

The police detained four people under Section 13 of the Police Act. This means that the police may refuse or remove any person from a certain area if they are disturbing public order or posing a danger.

Police will tighten security over the weekend before Sunday’s game.

– The police took this into account and published additional resources. During match day, there will be drone surveillance and additional reinforcements on site. There will also be additional public interest in this over the weekend, says Hans-Jürgen Ostler, press spokesman for the Western Police District.

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