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Greta Thunberg in France – protesting against the new highway

Reports say that Greta Thunberg went to France with several other activists from Belgium and Spain France24.

Thunberg told reporters regarding the demonstration: – We stand here in solidarity with those who oppose this project and this madness.

The French authorities banned the demonstration, which is taking place in the same location where the highway is scheduled to be built, due to the risk of “serious harm to public order.”

But that did not prevent demonstrators from taking to the streets on Friday and Saturday. During the day on Friday, police arrested several people and used tear gas against demonstrators. As of Saturday, police fired tear gas.

Environmental activists have protested the construction of the planned highway on several occasions in recent months. They write that they believe construction will severely harm the nearby environment and biodiversity euronews.

However, the government is determined to complete the project which will reduce the journey time between Toulouse and Castres by 20 minutes.

– Greta Thunberg said: “Unfortunately, this type of project is not limited to France, but is happening all over the world and is a symptom of the global crisis.”

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