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GROMDA 8: JAPA joins semifinals team!  ROMUSIO's closed eye prevented him from fighting!

GROMDA 8: JAPA joins semifinals team! ROMUSIO’s closed eye prevented him from fighting!

Chromda 8 transmission in bbv

“Jappa” Became a semi-finalist of the competition barefoot. With Daniel Udkowski winning Denise “Romas” Romek During the gala Chromta8.

Romek worked the trick at the start of the fight, but finally took the left hook to the head. The two fought with lower arms. The pace of the fight was slow, the players did not take unnecessary risks and waited for the possible error of the enemy. Players traded in the last seconds of the round. It seemed that “Romas” would hurt his opponent, but in the end Utkovsky was able to send Denise to the boards. Romake got up and a moment later the round was over.

The course of the fight did not change much in the second installment. The fight was not filled with precise victories and no one gained significant advantage. After a quiet minute, the players finally reduced the distance and after a short struggle they landed on the boards. Romek had trouble getting back on his feet, but he continued to struggle.

At the start of the third round, “JAPA” launched a bold attack. Romek counted on his knees on the mat. At this point, he gestured to the judge that he could not see anything with his right eye. The swelling prevented the player from continuing his performance, and advanced to the “JAPA” semifinals.

Daniel “JAPA” Udkowski Room DKO’s Denise “Romas” Romek, round 3, 0:37

Full results of the GROMDA 8 gala

What is GROMDA?

GROMDA is the largest Polish organization of athletes competing in a small fist ring. Each season we see a fierce rivalry between eight chromatids and several supervocations. Usually, these will fill the card with 3-4 extra duels, allowing you to enjoy the event for a long time. Competitors will compete until the end if they do not resolve their fight in 4 rounds in 2 minutes. The small boxing ring does not allow you to escape up to 4 to 4 meters, and the lack of a weight limit guarantees tough knockouts.

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